Hand Sanitizer for your Business

Is your business looking to obtain hand sanitizer to help protect your employees and customers? If so, Niagara County Emergency Services may be able to help. They are doing outreach to determine how many 2 gallon hand sanitizer containers and how many 2 oz personal sized containers of sanitizer that area businesses may require.
If you are looking to obtain hand sanitizer in either of these sizes you are encouraged to email ncem@niagaracounty.com. The subject line of the email should be hand sanitizer and in the body of the email you should state the name of your company, the number of 2 gallon containers that you require and the number of 2 oz containers that you would like.

Niagara County Emergency Services will be placing an order for these items tomorrow, so it is essential that you respond before noon on Friday, May 29th.
 Distribution instructions will be provided once the hand sanitizer is ready for pickup.