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Western New York Heritage:

Spotlighting the Lower Niagara and all of Western New York


Western New York Heritage is an independent, non-profit organization, dedicated to building a pride of place through a knowledge and appreciation of the art, architecture and history of Western New York.  While we engage in a variety of public outreach and publication projects, most people know us through the pages of our award-winning quarterly, Western New York Heritage magazine.

This glossy, coffee table-style publication features engaging, highly illustrated stories on all aspects of our region’s rich and diverse heritage.  To our knowledge, it is the only such independent publication of its kind, nationwide.

As an independent, non-profit organization, Western New York Heritage receives no annual support from any government body or agency, and relies heavily on subscriptions and sponsors to sustain its efforts to fulfill its mission.  

Our executive director lives in northern Niagara County and thus spends a lot of time in the Lewiston area, year ‘round.  He shops at DiMino’s Tops, has a beer and/or a bite to eat at any one of a number of Lewiston’s great eateries, grabs a morning coffee at Orange Cat, makes annual presentations to the Historical Association and takes in everything from the art festival to the concerts at Artpark. As such, we have a keen appreciation for not only the historic importance of the village and its environs, but also for what a great destination Lewiston and the Lower Niagara River is for food, shopping, events, concerts, festivals—you name it!

Over the years, we have regularly worked with a variety of authors and agencies in the area to share some of the Lower Niagara’s great history with our readers.  Indeed, we have a story planned for our coming spring issue (out in April) that will highlight the 300th anniversary of the Magazin Royal, which was established in 1720 in what is now Artpark.

Given this impending spotlight on the Lower Niagara River, we hope many of your local businesses will see this as an ideal opportunity to get better acquainted with us, and to perhaps consider appearing in our pages as a sponsor.  The spring issue is the perfect time to get the message out to those planning warm weather staycations and other local outings, and to remind them of the many wonderful things to do and experience north of the Island and the Escarpment.

Our loyal readers appreciate the importance of buying local, and they have a history of supporting those organizations that are seen supporting us.  We offer a variety of ways for local businesses to share what they are doing with our readers, while also having the satisfaction of making a statement that they support our efforts to share the heritage of the Lower Niagara—and all of Western New York—with as wide an audience as possible.

Parties interested in appearing in our pages can contact Char Szabo-Perricelli, either by email (cperricelli@wnyheritage.org) or by phone: 716-893-4011.

In the meantime, for more information on the organization, the magazine, how to submit a story idea or to become a sponsor, please visit our website at wnyheritage.org.

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